Pollution in OUR MIND

Other day a news item talked about people being asked to stay indoors in Beijing as pollution level in city was beyond the permissible limits. Increasing air pollution in our cities is adversely affecting humans as well as animals.

To counter this impact, we plant trees and many times, we have indoor plants too!

Plants are natural air-purifiers and also release life-giving oxygen…

BUT What about the pollution in our mind or head ( like worry, fear, anger , anxiety , jealously ,ego …….. ) ?  What else going on inside us which is causing the pollution?

So what plants do we need to beat the internal pollution?

  • The plant of ‘Silence’ – A few minutes of silence everyday, just sitting down, away from all gadgets and doing nothing; helps you to calm down your mind and brings about clear thoughts. As you sit down and start observing what goes on in your mind, lot of clarity start to emerge for you.
  • The plant of ‘Gratitude’ – Most of the time, we long for new things without acknowledging and appreciating things we already have. A simple act of Gratitude can make a huge difference. An exercise such as this…followed on a daily basis produces magnificent results.
  • The plant of ‘Living in Present’ – Most of the time, we are either worried about some event that happened in the past or what would happen in future and thus do not enjoy and live in the present moment. Practicing the art of living in the present helps us enjoy and experience to the fullest, what is going on RIGHT NOW in our life.

These three plants, when watered daily would release enough ‘Oxygen’  which would help us to clear all the pollution we have in our mind.


For those of you who are facing some challenge with clearing out the pollution in your head and would like to experience a powerful coaching discussion please contact us at  www.atmabhan.com



2 thoughts on “Pollution in OUR MIND

  1. Yes, Rajesh.. It is easier to see the pollution around us.. It pains us in the here and now. Our body does a great job in sensing alien matter that comes in. Mental pollution corrodes us gradually from within. By the time our body gets to sense it.. The aliens are embeded inside. They come in masquerading as friends ! Silence, Presence & Gratitude.. are valuable practices that help to isolate the virus within, flush it out of the system and prevent future pollution. Very valuable practices. Thank you for sharing. Wishing Atmabhan all the very best!


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