Self Mastery with Communication

Communication plays a very crucial role in any individual’s life. Just think about it… A baby starts to communicate with the mother in her womb when it kicks and shakes about. Once the baby is born, it uses ‘crying’ to announce his or her arrival to our world. As the baby grows, it learns to speak and express itself in different ways, verbally and non-verbally.

Various factors that influence the way we ‘communicate’ are:

–> Our environment – which includes our upbringing, language, culture, the place we are settled in, our audience, people who we are surrounded by, and everything else around us.

–> Our experiences – memories of the past in which we were effected by the means and manner we communicated through.

–> Our education – what we have learnt ever since our childhood.

–> Subject or topic of discussion – the matter, what we are trying to convey.

–> Status in the society – where we stand in our lives.

These are just a few of the many factors that effect our manner of communication.

One of the many powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) presuppositions is “The Meaning of Communication is the Response you get”.

We know that both verbal and non-verbal behaviors trigger responses in others. The point of communication is to get an outcome. An effective communicator is not just someone with good command of language and delivery. He or She is someone who gets her desired response.

After this closer glimpse at what communication is, are you curious to know:

  • How must we communicate to get our desired results?
  • The complete understanding of how the ‘Communication Model’?
  • How important internal communication really is?
  • What we need to do to become an effective communicator?

Join us at #Atmabhan for a ‘Self Mastery Workshop’ where we answer all these questions and any others you may be interested in.




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