My Experiences with NLP

My introduction to this wonderful and amazing science of NLP started  with attending the  Power of NLP session which I attended prior to the workshop. At that time , NLP was more of a subject of curiosity to know as I had come across few people in my network talking about it. As I attended the 5 day workshop on NLP practitioner , it was an an eye opener for me in the real sense!! From day 1 of the training program ,it started with self revelation  process going onto the transformation journey through  deeper understanding of the communication model, NLP Presuppositions, different NLP  patterns and techniques. I can clearly segment my learnings about NLP into 2 parts, first being  “The Self Awareness” and second being “ The Transformation” .

“Self Awareness”  is where the journey for Change started for me through NLP .NLP helped me in knowing my Inner Self  better and closer through my own eyes in a transparent way. It helped me identify my blinders, the limiting beliefs which I was living with for the past 30 years of my life. Often the life situations or experiences that I had due to these blinders, compelled me to put the blame either on the people in my life or my destiny. The internal filters which I could pin down and which need to be replaced were,

  1. My Self doubting behavior
  2. Overthinking , typically through time tendency
  3. Delayed decision making due to the above 2.
  4. Lack of planning which kept me away from achieving my personal and professional goals.
  5. Not handling “One thing at a time”, which often left me feeling bogged down and  stressed out in difficult life situations.

Understanding the Meta programs concept, I could see myself  as a person, who is cooperative, others oriented, externally referenced, option oriented, mismatcher, reactive, past focused and a person who is more through time. It also helped me to understand the communication model with a new perspective.

All the NLP presuppositions, gave a new insight and understanding on how I can have focus and control on the flow of thoughts which result into behavior and actions leading to results.

“The Transformation” phase started with the change process , having identified my behavior patterns, limiting beliefs which need to be replaced and modeled for excellence and rich quality of life. It was unbelievable to see the change instantly happening as we all participants progressed through the workshop. While some changes I could witness through the different patterns being demonstrated on the team members, the actual conviction came in when I practiced the pattern myself.

Parts Integration , was one of the NLP patterns ,  which was demonstrated by our Master practitioner Mr Rajesh with me being the subject. This was where my Self doubting behavior pattern was reprogrammed to being a self confident one, working with my unconscious. This newly installed change got evident when I started doing the business development meetings independently without any fear or ambiguity.(whereas earlier, I used to  get anxious and nervous at times, doubting my capability to handle the client).

Having understood the rapport building techniques while communicating with a person, pacing, leading and breathing techniques have helped me immensely. Now , I am more comfortable in my client meetings, as I understand the importance of  asking the right questions to get the response I want.  Also, I understand now how important is rapport building in every communication that you do with people.

The 5 learning strategies that were taught , were like a solution to all the challenges that I was stuck with.

On the personal front, I have been struggling on weight issues in last couple of years which was due to imbalance in hormones, as diagnosed by the doctor. The reasons for this drastic weight gain were depression bouts ,stress and anxiety phases that I kept going through after my dad’s demise. I would often end up binge eating, having sleepless nights, which all added up to my weight. Despite trying hard to workout, I couldn’t discipline myself going to the gym regularly.

Post attending this workshop, the first thing that I decided to apply my learnings was for my health issues. wherein I could train and discipline my mind to have a healthy diet, set a goal for myself for having weight loss month on month, and stick to a regular workout regime. Now, its been 15 days that I have been going to the gym regularly without having my friends dragging me.I feel happy that I have taken the action out of self motivation and have been monitoring my habits to stay on track to see my goal being achieved.

Having understood the basics of NLP,I see myself applying this powerful tool to bring about improvement in my personal and professional life, thus enriching the quality of my life. I commit myself to work on my  limiting beliefs and blinders replacing them with patterns, setting anchors for having empowering thoughts and action which ultimately will help me  to live my life with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in all aspects.

This blog post is from Shreya who was one of the participant of the Atmabhan NLP edge practitioner program , she can be contacted at . For details of the upcoming events visit atmabhan.

Few pictures from the event:


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