Happy Birthday Sachin

Daily morning I recall all the positive words that I know to start the day with enthusiasm. As a part of exercise in one of the training session the Trainer suggested us to relate/associate/remember one positive quality with one person/relative/friend/associate/celebrity you know and model him for that particular behavior pattern.

I started the routine and used to relate daily e.g. Happiness with my Mother, always a smiling face! Hard work with one of my friend whom I always see working and she never gets tired, Energy from my hubby Ashvin whose enthusiasm in any situation of Life is always infectious, so the list continues daily. I experienced that it really works.

Let’s recollect all these positive words as, Confidence, Success, Team Work, leadership,sportsmanship, perseverance, hard work, focus, determination, passion, humble, realistic,acceptance by all, Happiness, contented and satisfaction, etc and one name that flashed with all these is Sachiiiiin, Sachin, Sachiiin. The wonder on the EARTH, successful in all spheres of LIFE, A living legend……..

Happy Birthday Sachin!!

This blog post is from Anjali Deshpande and she can be reached  at anjali.deshpande111@gmail.com


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