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Hi, I am Dr. Navneet Kahlon. I completed the “NLP Practitioner” and “NLP Master Practitioner” course conducted by Atmabhan Academy at Lucknow, back to back in 13 days. Throughout this journey I discovered a new me. A better and complete me. The integration of Navneet’s body, brain, mind and soul, unlike what I thought, was an exhilarating process, although not an easy one! When you conquer and bypass your own weaknesses, you dig and bring out a new personality and suddenly you realize its way too overwhelming to live with this “new” “true” YOU.

“To me the gist of NLP has surfaced as a simple process of integration of our thoughts, language (verbal and non verbal) and the outcome i.e. our habits and patterns.”

nlp_mastersBy the age of six months a toddler starts understanding the words spoken to him and begins to build his own personal dictionary. As age increases the vocabulary, communicative skills and overall personality of an individual develops. Everything that is installed through our modalities i.e., our 5 senses, the VAKOG respectively, the brain uses the information and the mind creates an internal map of the given situation. This internal map plays a major role in the overall state and our behaviors. Young or old we use the same tools for receiving and giving out information, as we did as toddlers. As stated in NLP “VAKOG” allows the inflow of the information which is then processed by our communication model consisting of the filters and barriers which distort, delete or generalize the information and thus create the internal map which is acted out in the physical world through our psychology and thus our physiology.

The whole game is that how much can you refine these modalities? How quickly can you mould these into something better? How much can you perceive? How much plasticity can your brain accomplish? How many unwanted filters ( conscious, unconscious and collective unconscious) can you eliminate from your system?

Once you see your life through these polished senses, i.e. “VAKOG” and understand each and every process, you start looking at things differently and realize many other possible options. Hence a new internal map emerges and in result a new behavior is created.

As we start to understand ourselves, our sub modalities and our internal maps, we begin to perceive people around us in different light as well. NLP provides us with various tools, patterns and programs to code and decode people around us. Whatever we are aware of comes into our consciousness and is recorded by our brain for further use. We as therapists use this new awareness to understand our clients and use the appropriate tools for their betterment. For example the “Swish” method is very useful when the client is visually oriented whereas “One-word-reframing” may work better with an Auditory oriented person. Therefore decoding of a person’s basic modalities becomes necessary and it is a difficult task until and unless we do not work on ourselves.

NLP can be utilized in every sphere of our life; the 2Ps (Personal and Professional) the 2Fs (Financial and Family) the 2Ss (Spiritual and Social). I learnt that each one of us has a different yet absolutely justified model of our own perceived worlds. With this enhanced knowledge I enrich my behavior towards others by, making a better rapport or by leading them into a positive state of mind.

The simplicity and the direct approach of NLP has immersed me into the subject and as I dive into the new depths, I am continuously astonished by new breakthroughs. I have just started on this wonderful journey and my perception of the world has changed drastically. Words have a deeper meaning now. Voices have depths and ridges. Sensations have different variations. Smells are more prominent than earlier. Taste delights more now. The whole existence thrives for a balance. The value of congruence has increased manifold! NLP makes you not just a better person, but you emerge to experience for yourself, the Best Version of YOU!

The author of this article is

Dr. Navneet Kahlon from Lucknow, who can be reached at navneet.kahlon4@gmail.com

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