An encounter with my enemy

I was always a happy go lucky girl who was always cheerful with desirable and happy moments and sad and depressed with undesirable moments or I can say I was always a moment girl. I wanted to be happy all the time and always tried to maintain calm conditions but things were getting worse inside me as I started trying to please everybody.

At one front I was pretending to be happy and on the other front there were bundles of my queries about ‘what is wrong with me???’

To the best of my consciousness I never bothered anyone and always tried not to dominate anyone. Thereby I always focused on improving things in me. I used to think with other’s point of view, ignoring my perspective about myself. I was just trying to make each and everybody comfortable and it became my way of thinking. I was completely ignoring myself with my belief of sacrifice and values. All my values, beliefs, perceptions, acknowledgements were  based on others as to what they wanted to hear, what they wanted to see,  what they wanted to feel, what they wanted from me.

I was always focusing on my weaknesses and how to get over them. I wanted to be more tolerant, calm, understanding towards others. I always tried to keep my best for others and for myself everything was just  “ok”.

 Then one day at the “NLP Master Practitioner” workshop at Lucknow my mentor, Shri Ashvin Deshpande,  asked me about my strengths, “my strengths???”………………………………………………………………………and it took some time to identify my strengths and that too with somebody else’s help. It was my homework to pen down my strengths and as I was listing them down, I was surprised! It was an eye opener! I had never thought of my strengths. Throughout my life I was just digging out my weaknesses, trying to overcome them. Instead, now I am digging my strengths additively with confidence. Woww……!!! What an amazing human being I am, full of love, care, understanding & intelligence! It was for the first time I was having my strengths besides me and I felt unashamed of my weaknesses. A whole new perspective had opened up which brought enlightenment. I became more receptive towards myself and focused on my strengths more than anything else. Now I know how to sharpen myself which will eventually lead to ending my flaws.

aid1850249-728px-identify-your-strengths-and-weaknesses-step-18-version-2Then I realized it was only me who was restraining myself. It was me who was obscuring myself from the desired paths sometimes due to my weaknesses sometimes due to some unknown fear. Nobody in this world has the potential to drag me into darkness without my permission. It was only me  who was chaining myself. There was no other enemy! Just me!

There I formulated a simple equation –

I/Me     =      Looser

I x Me   =      Winner!

And now I am a winner who identifies her strengths putting more emphasis on developing them!!! That’s the change that NLP gets to you! NLP is the catalyst which takes from “Wanting to change” to “Change”. At Atmabhan Academy, one thing is for sure – They’ve justified their Tagline – “Transformation Guaranteed”!

“meri khamiyoon ka ab muje nahin khayal!

ki khud ki bulandiyoon se wakif hoon mai!”


The author of the article is,  Dr.Aruna Saxena, Homoeopath,  NLP Master Practitioner,   Reiki & BARS Practitioner. She can be reached at –


2 thoughts on “An encounter with my enemy

  1. Wonderful analysis! You are absolutely right Dr.Aruna! The chain tied by you yourself during early days remains as a deterrant just like the elephant who is tied with a small rope does not try to break free although he can because of what is imbibed in his mind during his childhood. Atmabhan helps you realize your strengths and use them to lead a powerful and meaningful happy life.


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