What is mind

What is Mind? Has anybody seen it, touched it, tasted it, heard it, smelled it………?No! And still mind is key performer and originator  for every  thought and action of human being.I find everybody is curious to know it, understand it and feel it. It has no identity of its own yet it creates the identity of an individual. It’s proved that entire body is governed by this mind. All our cognitive processes , learning, thoughts, perceptions ,are mind’s game , dictionary of the mind.

Each and every mind is different, every aspect of mind is unique . Internal representation, internal mapping of each and everybody on this planet is amazingly unique. Everybody has his own layers of inventions, experiences,understandings, discoveries and revelations. Everybody is completely different while responding to any ambiguous stimuli. Wow…..such an amazing revelation, surprisingly we are governed by something which we cannot see or touch.

Everybody’s thinking process, learning process, understanding process, perceiving process is different yet how beautifully we all are connected with each other. And this communion of beings is all coordinated by mind signals which are followed by Brain. Mind with all it’s layers of learning, outlooks, memories, descriptions, perspectives, experience, is there to guide the brain, and brain with all it’s power become servant to this mind. Everybody has his own individual dimensions and the possibility for up gradation to the newer dimension. All the  levels be it an unconscious mind ,primitive mind, conscious mind all are the memories from which we are receiving and perceiving our outer world.

The  unconscious mind is the information processor which stores all the information collected from all five senses I.e VAKOG and that information is used for deciding our life processes.And conscious mind is the awareness process, awareness which comes with observation ,analysis, self-control, and then comes to the conclusion which creates a huge change in every aspects and then with this change unconscious mind also learns how to apply these observation and it automatically becomes the representational system. So, is there any way out to change the representational system? or how can we tame our mind to experience  powerful, satisfied and peaceful LIFE?? This is were NLP proves to be the opener.It allows us to understand all our senses from which our mind collects all the information.

NLP comes as a rescue for our mind and cleanses it’s heaps of debris collected collectively from all our environment , education  ,experiments and experiences, and provides it a breath of relief and with this  new realization of self. This self awareness opens up new opportunities, new avenues, new outlook towards life.  With this awareness and realization whole mind ,body transformation is guaranteed.

तेरे पंखों को मैं नये आयाम  दूंगा

ए  जिंदगी

अब तुझे मैं नया नाम दूंगा

The author of this article is Dr. Aruna Saxena, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki and BARS Practitioner and she can be reached at dr.arunasaxene5@gmail.com


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