Exploring new Horizons

A Journey is not defined by the destination you travel towards but by the different roads you walk on and by the different pieces of mental frameworks you carry in your mind while you walk your path of exploration.

My Journey towards my destination, is full of steeps and shallows. Sometimes with huge steps across boulders while sometimes with tiny drags across soft lush green grasslands.Different but sophisticated, extraordinary but peculiar and breath-taking but full of efforts, my road is a difficult one to walk on but a pleasure to have a look at after reaching the destination.

Although, the destination still seems miles away, I’ve certainly crossed certain milestones, and standing at one of them, I look at the road travelled so far and express my thoughts over it.

The new year started with our most-awaited program, the NLP Master Practitioner conducted at Lucknow. The extraordinary journey of the program and the feedback I received from the participants, built for me, the ‘WOW’ effect! Although, the feedback coming from the participants as well as their pieces of imbibed knowledge have already appeared on this blog, this one’s my personal sharing of the learning experience. The Participants were highly encouraging and inspiring. Their expertise in their fields of work and their rapports built with their respective professions were aspects to be modelled. While showing a lot of interest in what was going on in the program, the participants gained their personal mastery and manoeuvred seamlessly and articulately to take their LIVES miles ahead.

As, I look back into the previous year, i.e. 2016, NLP Practitioner was the inaugurator program. Our Slogan, “Learn NLP to Practice NLP” reached huge masses and certain level of awareness was created and embraced. Unlike, majority of the famous travellers and explorers, we always had our outcomes fixed and we fought to get them done.  Atmabhan has all its strength embossed into one phrase, “Transformation Guaranteed”. Its not just a promise that we make, perhaps a concrete change that we deliver.

I firmly believe that everything can be transformed. Situations, strategies, mental frameworks, the human response system, our states, our beliefs and thus the result of all these, our lifestyle. The most important institution that needs to be transformed is the “HUMAN MIND”. “NLP is the perfect catalyst for such a transformation.”

The Journey towards “SELF” is a continuous process that involves “QUESTIONING”, “REDEFINING”, “CREATION”, “PRACTICE”. A Deep thought over these 4 words right away or at the end of this write-up can get you to the core of your personality. Just as a guideline, start with “What changes do I need to make in myself?” If you have your answers, start “REDEFINING”. How do you do that? Now, this is where NLP comes in to the rescue. The Redefining – Creation – Practice stages, are to be left to us. We would rather deliver sticking to our punchline, “TRANSFORMATION GUARANTEED”


NLP makes you stand out of the flock. You’re bound to fly high like an eagle and not stay there in the throng of pigeons. One glitch persistent in my head is, even after learning NLP, why are some people so stubborn to not imbibe it into their daily LIFESTYLES? NLP is NOT just supposed to be used when there’s a problem. NLP is the preventive medicine. Learning NLP and not practicing it everyday or not imbibing it into your daily routine or not letting it be a part of your mental framework, would result into nothing. The pigeons will still remain to be where they are, undistinguished, one among 100s in the flock.

NLP defines your INWARD JOURNEY. The inward Journey is magnificently calm, soothing, peaceful, satisfying and encouraging. To travel on this path towards the INSIDE, one has to be highly persistent, focused and oriented towards the goal. I Always believe, “THE MIND HAS IT ALL”. All you need to consciously do is, to believe in this and keep saying it to yourself! I guarantee, YOU HAVE IT ALL.

Coming back to my journey of the previous year, I conducted various POWER OF NLP Programs across various locations, The NLP Practitioner Program rolled out really well creating several resourceful states Pan India. The NLP Master Practitioner Program was one wonderful platform for me to learn so many things alongside the participants who now have their fists full of resources to fight every situation and emerge as winners. The buddy meetings at Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata & Pune were immensely helpful for all our participants to keep in touch with one-another, share their experiences, contribute in one another’s lives, clear doubts, learn new things and imbibe NLP in their LIFESTYLES. This is where, they stand out! Their performances and sharing their experiences always excites me and acts as the booster to my enthusiasm towards my journey.


The Atmabhan NLP Family is a group of people who are my travel-mates on my journey. Not like others who come and go, but who are here to stay and contribute, teach me several things, learn and become magnificent performers themselves by imbibing certain fragments of NLP that I can share.

The “Train The Trainer” is one Program that is very close to my heart and defines a state of EUPHORIA for me. Every person who’s committed and passionate about contributing into other people’s lives as a trainer, can understand this “EUPHORIA”. This year, we launched the upgraded version, the even fitter version of the TRAIN THE TRAINER Program scheduled to roll out in Mussoorie this July. I’m sure this program is going to be one of the best programs for passionate and want-to-be Trainers, Public Speaks, Entrepreneurs and Facilitators.

Ours is the only NLP-based TRAIN THE TRAINER Workshop in India and thus creates Trainers fit to handle all obstacles that other fledges cannot.


The previous year also marked the ingress of powerful and energetic people into the Atmabhan Family. They joined us to walk similar paths towards “HUMAN EXCELLENCE” and inspired, energised, guided and created paths for several others to walk on. The arrival of such powerful people and their enthusiasm has guaranteed, that the future is going to be even more bright and empowering for Atmabhan.

The author of this post is Shri Ashvin Deshpande, founder of Atmabhan Academy and he is reachable at atmabhanacademy @gmail.com


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