Today’s “PRESENT” is How to Present

“Presentation secretes of Steve Jobs” by Carmine Gallo……Book Summary

Now-a-days power point presentation (PPT) is a must for every level right from selling to meetings, conferences, training sessions, workshops, client meetings, vendor meetings, etc. Effective presentation is the key to win. As I was searching for a book on presentations, I came across this book by Carmine Gallo. The author is a communication coach and columnist at He has spent a lot of time obsessing over Jobs’ presentation skills, particularly product launch events at Apple.

The author reveals the techniques that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, used to practice – “Inform, Educate & Entertain”. His core competency was “stunning visuals”. Jobs did not give time to his audience to get distracted.Steve Jobs’ presentations have become legendary performances, mesmerising the audience. He used to dramatise it and took a lot of efforts before actual presentation. We can use several strategies of Steve for getting the Audience involved. He followed a specific structure in all his presentations. The “notable” secrets mentioned in this book from Steve’s presentations are as under –

  1. Structure your presentation. Create a roadmap leaving audience with a clear message.
  2. A typical Steve Jobs presentation had 3 to 4 messages, refer rule of three in communication. The rule says there can be three parts, 3 features and three messages in an effective presentation. Should not be more than that.
  3. Never speak on any topic for more than ten minutes. Break-up after ten minutes. During this add some interactions, live feedbacks, interviews, happy customer meet, etc.
  4. Clarify what to expect from this presentation so that the audience remain focussed on the subject.
  5. A memorable story that the audience want to hear is a must.
  6. Narrow your punch line, to retain the information in the mind of audience. It must be a single sentence description, 140 character twitter message. For eg. At the launch of the Mesmerizing Macbook in Jan 2008, Steve Jobs’ discourse was –“Worlds thinnest laptop”. Narrow your message to the core to increase likelihood of purchasing the product. Fill in further details during the presentation or on website.
  7. Create a high sense of purpose for the audience by saying what they exactly want and what isn’t available in any of the competitors’ products. Comparison is essential to Win. An Antagonist and a Hero are a must in the presentation.
  8. Thus tell the story ‘why this product?’ It should be an emotional appeal to the audience, Steve sold dreams and not the product.
  9. Use simple, direct, clear, funny words, no jargons please!
  10. Make numbers meaningful, For E.g. five gigabytes may mean nothing to audience but one thousand songs in your pocket opens creates a magnificent wonder for music lovers. In every presentation big numbers are put into context that’s irrelevant to the audience. The bigger the number, the more important it is to find analogies or comparison, that makes the data relevant for audience.

The author has divided Steve’s presentations in three parts as below –

Act I – Create the story:

Scene 1: Plan an analogue

  1. Answer the first question that matters the most.
  2. Develop a messianic sense of purpose.
  3. Create twitter like headline.
  4. Draw a roadmap.
  5. Introduce the antagonist.
  6. Reveal the conquering HERO. 

Intermission: I obey the ten minute Rule.

Act II: Deliver the experience

  1. Channel their inner Zen
  2. Dress up your numbers.
  3. Use amazing zippy words.
  4. Share the stage
  5. Share your presentation with pops
  6. Reveal a “Holy Shit Moment”

Intermission 2- Schiller Learns from the best

Act III Refine & Rehearse1451484652.image34

  1. Master stage presence
  2. Make it look effortless.
  3. Wear the appropriate costume.
  4. Toss the script
  5. Have fun!

These points cover each and every aspect of an effective presentation. Steve Jobs’ team used to spend a lot of time on brainstorming, writing and sketching before actually going digital and opening Power points. All these elements are planned and collected before putting them across on PowerPoint. Steve Jobs spent hours rehearsing every facet of his presentation, every slide is like a piece of poetry. For E.g. During the Macbook launch event one slide visual was inserted which indicated that  Macbook can be accommodated in an office envelope. Wow this visual was more than a thousand words!

One thing to note, Jobs used to create a moment called “Emotionally Charged Event”, which was equivalent to a mental sticky note that told the brain , “Remember this”.  His presentations included demonstrations, video clips, and other speakers.

The “Emotionally Charged Audience” will never forget your message. At the end of the presentation leave the audience in the “Happy Ever After” state of mind.

Summing it all up, to be a great presenter and to achieve an action, the presenter needs to be extremely aware about things, about oneself and about the environment. “Atmabhan” is a Sanskrit word that means “Self Awareness”. We at Atmabhan not just promise to create awareness, but make you feel the magic of self as well as environmental awareness. This is a platform for you to realise several things, know your self and to know what information the environment can give you. To observe, to analyse, to know and to apply – is the process that can lead you to complete awareness and thus becoming great in whatever you do! How? Leave that to us!

Join, the Atmabhan Train The Trainer program to get in touch with the practicality of self awareness, environmental awareness, the best presentation skills, to learn the best formulae of knocking the deal and to grasp the science of influence! At the Train The Tainer program, one not only learns to be the best presenter, but also learns to be the best version of oneself!

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The author of this blog is Ashvin Deshpande, Founder, Atmabhan Academy, and is reachable at – and


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