The “Self-less” YOU

If things are not happening the way you want them to!

If you cannot take charge of your own life!

If you constantly feel somebody must come to your rescue!

If you always end up going to astrologers!

If you are always confused and directionless!

If you are always depending on others!

If you are always more irresponsible towards your own self!

Then, for sure, the child in your mind is prominent. The feeling of being small, young, inexperienced,unexposed, immature, is stronger than the feeling of being grown up and responsible.

To lead your life with absolute responsibility towards everything in life, you need to become your ‘self’.

To become ‘self’, you have to pull your focus towards you. To stretch this completely, I would profess to become mentally or emotionally, ‘orphan’. To stretch this further, feel as if you are all alone on an island.

Now, when there is not a single chance that you can share anything with anyone, what would you do?

Think of your ‘self’. Think of your ‘own self’. That’s it!

Since childhood, you are amongst people. You are surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, well wishers. You have always found a “shoulder” not only to cry but even to shoulder your responsibilities.

You have very smartly shared everything that you belong with someone or other to avoid the responsibility. May be you have sometimes crossed to limits of ‘social morality’ to share just to fulfill ‘the crave’ to get that help from others.

You feel comfortable, therefore, with people. People around you, allow you, because they love you.

But you are the creature, you neither love your ‘self’ nor you have interest in anyone else, except that ‘smart selfish motive’ of getting rid of your own responsibilities. Therefore, you keep relationships with people.

For you, “the self-less you” is great!

Now at this stage of life, may be you may not like what I am saying! It’s quite possible that you may end up hating people like me, who would only talk to you to ask you to become your ‘self’. May be you think, it’s too late now!shutterstock_96075857

Assure your ‘self’, it’s never too late! Start Now!

This blog post is from Ashvin Deshpande and he can be contacted at

At Atmabhan Academy we offer 1-2-1 coaching for people who would like to get started with knowing about themselves and to address any of the questions above.



Power of NLP – The test Drive for TRANSFORMATION

Last year I was planning to purchase a new car and we all started analysis for selection of the car model. Daily advertisements in the news paper from various automobile companies used to attract our eyes and the advertisement would keep our mind busy with company and model. Then YOUtube video reviews of the car to take a fresh feel of all interiors and looks of the car. THE COMPARISON within the segments with so much of statistics. The day would end with the conclusion that ‘yesss’ this is the final car model that we want to buy. The next week, my son would showcase all the details of new car model. The entire cycle used to repeat, for all the analysis, video comparison and the conclusion.

With all the data in hand, my son ended up calling the Sales Executive with a list of queries about the color, the engine noise, the method of transmission and its advantages or disadvantages, the style of the seat covers, the lights, the glamorous feeling on the steering, height, leg space, etc. The Sales Executive came up with idea of a test drive of the car and fixed up the appointment for test drive also!

I was little reluctant for the test drive as I have already driven few of the cars, I know the basics, with such a vigorous research and data with us, I felt, now I know more than the sales executive of the company and enough is enough now why test drive?

Eventually I agreed, the Marketing Executive with all his professionalism took us for the test drive and I realized ‘yess’ its really required. The actual feel of ownership of the car could satisfy all the sensory queries and gave me actual feeling of the new CAR! The nature of the queries changed and we could take the final decision faster and felt proud about the same.

The same thing must be happening with the prospective candidates for the NLP Practitioner Program with Atmabhan Academy. People from across the country must be doing a lot of research about learning NLP. They must be visiting our website, Face book page and Atmabhan YOU tube channel which has all the testimonies videos, trainers profile, training videos, client list and feedback from the past participants. Some of the clients do register immediately once they visit the website and  now after my experience of “Test Drive”,  I know most of them really want that feeling of test drive to the Transformation !

The queries before “Power of NLP” and after “Power of NLP” are different. The research and data makes them curious about NLP and decision to join Atmabhan NLP Practitioner would be clear and easy post attending the “Power of NLP” which is “Test Drive” for Transformation.

Therefore, we at Atmabhan invite you for the two hours Power of NLP program at various locations as PUNE / MUMBAI / CHENNAI /LUCKNOW and many more in coming days.For details visit our webpages

All the participants who have attended the Power of NLP session enjoy the feeling of WOW effects, introduction with NLP and start to get the feel of TRANSFORMATION………

So you are excited for “Power of NLP” the test drive on the journey of Transformation!!

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Happy Birthday Sachin

Daily morning I recall all the positive words that I know to start the day with enthusiasm. As a part of exercise in one of the training session the Trainer suggested us to relate/associate/remember one positive quality with one person/relative/friend/associate/celebrity you know and model him for that particular behavior pattern.

I started the routine and used to relate daily e.g. Happiness with my Mother, always a smiling face! Hard work with one of my friend whom I always see working and she never gets tired, Energy from my hubby Ashvin whose enthusiasm in any situation of Life is always infectious, so the list continues daily. I experienced that it really works.

Let’s recollect all these positive words as, Confidence, Success, Team Work, leadership,sportsmanship, perseverance, hard work, focus, determination, passion, humble, realistic,acceptance by all, Happiness, contented and satisfaction, etc and one name that flashed with all these is Sachiiiiin, Sachin, Sachiiin. The wonder on the EARTH, successful in all spheres of LIFE, A living legend……..

Happy Birthday Sachin!!

This blog post is from Anjali Deshpande and she can be reached  at

A tribute to “The COACH” for Silicon Valley – Bill Campbell

In the modern age of specialization, competition, team building and FLYING HIGH, LIFE COACH is a new sought after professional requirement in India. Although it is well recognized and established profession in USA and some of the European countries. Sharing here the role of coach in Silicon Valley.

I was amazed to understand the role of coach as I noticed a tribute to legendary mentor and coach Bill Campbell, on Apple’s website. Bill Campbell – who garnered the name “The Coach” has died on 18th April 2016 at the age of 75.

Bill Campbell was a coach, mentor, friend, guide and philosopher for many entrepreneurs,executives including Steve Jobs, John Doerr, Marc Andressen and Ben Horowitz, Schmidt, as well as new generation of entrepreneurs.

He is known as the man who kept Steve Jobs going. Bill Campbell started out as a coach to top Google executives. Bill Campbell, the talented but most modest Super coach of Silicon Valley was a mentor for leaders and whole team from Google, Apple, GO, Amazon and more.

More than a coach, he formed a personal bond with the executives he advised. He helped business houses to grow and in countless ways helped them to expand. He had a far reaching impact on Silicon Valley leaders and culture. The news was greeted with sad comments on the Twitter from all of his associates.

William V. “Bill” Campbell (August 31, 1940 – April 18, 2016) was an American businessman and chairman of the board of trustees of Columbia University and chairman of the board of Intuit Inc. He was VP of Marketing and board director for Apple Inc. and a CEO for Claris and GO Corporation. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Columbia, he coached the Columbia football team also from 1974-79 before coming to Silicon Valley.

Our tribute to mentor and LIFE COACH to Steve JOBS and many tech leaders!

This post is from Ashvin Deshpande and he can be reached at

My Experiences with NLP

My introduction to this wonderful and amazing science of NLP started  with attending the  Power of NLP session which I attended prior to the workshop. At that time , NLP was more of a subject of curiosity to know as I had come across few people in my network talking about it. As I attended the 5 day workshop on NLP practitioner , it was an an eye opener for me in the real sense!! From day 1 of the training program ,it started with self revelation  process going onto the transformation journey through  deeper understanding of the communication model, NLP Presuppositions, different NLP  patterns and techniques. I can clearly segment my learnings about NLP into 2 parts, first being  “The Self Awareness” and second being “ The Transformation” .

“Self Awareness”  is where the journey for Change started for me through NLP .NLP helped me in knowing my Inner Self  better and closer through my own eyes in a transparent way. It helped me identify my blinders, the limiting beliefs which I was living with for the past 30 years of my life. Often the life situations or experiences that I had due to these blinders, compelled me to put the blame either on the people in my life or my destiny. The internal filters which I could pin down and which need to be replaced were,

  1. My Self doubting behavior
  2. Overthinking , typically through time tendency
  3. Delayed decision making due to the above 2.
  4. Lack of planning which kept me away from achieving my personal and professional goals.
  5. Not handling “One thing at a time”, which often left me feeling bogged down and  stressed out in difficult life situations.

Understanding the Meta programs concept, I could see myself  as a person, who is cooperative, others oriented, externally referenced, option oriented, mismatcher, reactive, past focused and a person who is more through time. It also helped me to understand the communication model with a new perspective.

All the NLP presuppositions, gave a new insight and understanding on how I can have focus and control on the flow of thoughts which result into behavior and actions leading to results.

“The Transformation” phase started with the change process , having identified my behavior patterns, limiting beliefs which need to be replaced and modeled for excellence and rich quality of life. It was unbelievable to see the change instantly happening as we all participants progressed through the workshop. While some changes I could witness through the different patterns being demonstrated on the team members, the actual conviction came in when I practiced the pattern myself.

Parts Integration , was one of the NLP patterns ,  which was demonstrated by our Master practitioner Mr Rajesh with me being the subject. This was where my Self doubting behavior pattern was reprogrammed to being a self confident one, working with my unconscious. This newly installed change got evident when I started doing the business development meetings independently without any fear or ambiguity.(whereas earlier, I used to  get anxious and nervous at times, doubting my capability to handle the client).

Having understood the rapport building techniques while communicating with a person, pacing, leading and breathing techniques have helped me immensely. Now , I am more comfortable in my client meetings, as I understand the importance of  asking the right questions to get the response I want.  Also, I understand now how important is rapport building in every communication that you do with people.

The 5 learning strategies that were taught , were like a solution to all the challenges that I was stuck with.

On the personal front, I have been struggling on weight issues in last couple of years which was due to imbalance in hormones, as diagnosed by the doctor. The reasons for this drastic weight gain were depression bouts ,stress and anxiety phases that I kept going through after my dad’s demise. I would often end up binge eating, having sleepless nights, which all added up to my weight. Despite trying hard to workout, I couldn’t discipline myself going to the gym regularly.

Post attending this workshop, the first thing that I decided to apply my learnings was for my health issues. wherein I could train and discipline my mind to have a healthy diet, set a goal for myself for having weight loss month on month, and stick to a regular workout regime. Now, its been 15 days that I have been going to the gym regularly without having my friends dragging me.I feel happy that I have taken the action out of self motivation and have been monitoring my habits to stay on track to see my goal being achieved.

Having understood the basics of NLP,I see myself applying this powerful tool to bring about improvement in my personal and professional life, thus enriching the quality of my life. I commit myself to work on my  limiting beliefs and blinders replacing them with patterns, setting anchors for having empowering thoughts and action which ultimately will help me  to live my life with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in all aspects.

This blog post is from Shreya who was one of the participant of the Atmabhan NLP edge practitioner program , she can be contacted at . For details of the upcoming events visit atmabhan.

Few pictures from the event:

Counting on Blessings!

How many of us have experienced going through the the worst phase of our lives, hitting  the rock bottom and then rising from the ashes..And it doesn’t stop here either! Life is a roller coaster ride for those who know how to keep their spirits high through the ups and downs. On the contrary , Life can be a vicious circle for some who get stuck with the low times. Keeping a positive attitude isn’t that difficult yet a tricky one when it comes to imbibing it largely as part of our daily lives.

Our state of mind largely is responsible for the life situations we undergo. Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse it and it will curse you…If you bless a situation, it has no power to hurt you and even if its troublesome for a time, it will gradually fade out, if you sincerely bless it.

Does that mean blessing the misery and tough times one goes through ?? And  how does one count on his/her blessings. Sounds all very complicated, doesn’t it ? Let me share a real time story of a 19 year old boy and his life experience which explains it all.

Gaurav, a young 19 year old boy always greeted me with an infectious smile on his face whenever we met at the neighbourhood garden. Little did I know, behind this smiling face was  a life full of pains and struggles for this teenager who was confined to a wheelchair at the age of 10 when most of the normal kids are living a life bustling with all kinds of physical activity like running, jumping, playing etc. Gaurav had been suffering from a muscle degenerative disease which struck him quite early in his growing years as a child .  The disease hampered his day to day activities making him difficult to walk, crawl or even raise his hand. Unfortunately, our medical science didn’t have the advanced cure to let this teenager overcome the dreaded disease or live a normal healthy life just like any other teenager. Infact, I remember his father mentioning that the even the best of  doctors in the country had actually given up on this boy’s life condition stating the patients diagnosed with the disease couldn’t make it longer than 10-12 years of their age at the max.

Gaurav, with his indomitable spirit , decided to live the life he was blessed with despite the agony and painful state his body and mind were going through as  the disease advanced .Despite the odds, Gaurav tried doing all those things which made him happy at the same time spreading happiness in the lives of people in his life. He gave a tough battle to his life situation , with his positive attitude, which made him truly a winner in all aspects till he left for his final abode at the age of 19 , which in itself was a victory as he had defied the verdict given by the medical science.

What do you think worked in Gaurav’s case? Would you call it a miracle or God’s grace coupled with his parents and well-wisher’s prayers which made it possible for him to live through the disease with his unflinching spirit to live Life ..

Undoubtedly, it was the fact that Gaurav had learnt to accept his circumstances and life situation that he was undergoing, yet he chose to bless the misery instead crib or complain like most of us would have done .For him being able to get up each morning from his bed despite the endless struggle and pain and seeing yet another sunrise was a big victory ! He could count on the numerous blessings that life would give him in every small task or activity he could perform throughout the day even if it was as simple as being able to wipe his mouth or saying a cheerful hello to the strangers he met at the garden. All his days started with a new energy and vigour and at night he would express his gratitude for all the experiences good or bad , which he was able to live through..

So friends, count on your blessings through each day no matter, how small they seem to be!Make a spiritual inventory of all your blessings.So much good happens to us but in the rush of daily life, we fail even to notice or acknowledge it. Embrace all the good and bad experiences that life gives you with open arms and heart, blessing the circumstances in your life which teach you to believe in yourself and be a WINNER in the Life’s race !!

This article is written by Shreya Shetti and she can be contacted at