The “Self-less” YOU

If things are not happening the way you want them to!

If you cannot take charge of your own life!

If you constantly feel somebody must come to your rescue!

If you always end up going to astrologers!

If you are always confused and directionless!

If you are always depending on others!

If you are always more irresponsible towards your own self!

Then, for sure, the child in your mind is prominent. The feeling of being small, young, inexperienced,unexposed, immature, is stronger than the feeling of being grown up and responsible.

To lead your life with absolute responsibility towards everything in life, you need to become your ‘self’.

To become ‘self’, you have to pull your focus towards you. To stretch this completely, I would profess to become mentally or emotionally, ‘orphan’. To stretch this further, feel as if you are all alone on an island.

Now, when there is not a single chance that you can share anything with anyone, what would you do?

Think of your ‘self’. Think of your ‘own self’. That’s it!

Since childhood, you are amongst people. You are surrounded by family, friends, colleagues, well wishers. You have always found a “shoulder” not only to cry but even to shoulder your responsibilities.

You have very smartly shared everything that you belong with someone or other to avoid the responsibility. May be you have sometimes crossed to limits of ‘social morality’ to share just to fulfill ‘the crave’ to get that help from others.

You feel comfortable, therefore, with people. People around you, allow you, because they love you.

But you are the creature, you neither love your ‘self’ nor you have interest in anyone else, except that ‘smart selfish motive’ of getting rid of your own responsibilities. Therefore, you keep relationships with people.

For you, “the self-less you” is great!

Now at this stage of life, may be you may not like what I am saying! It’s quite possible that you may end up hating people like me, who would only talk to you to ask you to become your ‘self’. May be you think, it’s too late now!shutterstock_96075857

Assure your ‘self’, it’s never too late! Start Now!

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A tribute to “The COACH” for Silicon Valley – Bill Campbell

In the modern age of specialization, competition, team building and FLYING HIGH, LIFE COACH is a new sought after professional requirement in India. Although it is well recognized and established profession in USA and some of the European countries. Sharing here the role of coach in Silicon Valley.

I was amazed to understand the role of coach as I noticed a tribute to legendary mentor and coach Bill Campbell, on Apple’s website. Bill Campbell – who garnered the name “The Coach” has died on 18th April 2016 at the age of 75.

Bill Campbell was a coach, mentor, friend, guide and philosopher for many entrepreneurs,executives including Steve Jobs, John Doerr, Marc Andressen and Ben Horowitz, Schmidt, as well as new generation of entrepreneurs.

He is known as the man who kept Steve Jobs going. Bill Campbell started out as a coach to top Google executives. Bill Campbell, the talented but most modest Super coach of Silicon Valley was a mentor for leaders and whole team from Google, Apple, GO, Amazon and more.

More than a coach, he formed a personal bond with the executives he advised. He helped business houses to grow and in countless ways helped them to expand. He had a far reaching impact on Silicon Valley leaders and culture. The news was greeted with sad comments on the Twitter from all of his associates.

William V. “Bill” Campbell (August 31, 1940 – April 18, 2016) was an American businessman and chairman of the board of trustees of Columbia University and chairman of the board of Intuit Inc. He was VP of Marketing and board director for Apple Inc. and a CEO for Claris and GO Corporation. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Columbia, he coached the Columbia football team also from 1974-79 before coming to Silicon Valley.

Our tribute to mentor and LIFE COACH to Steve JOBS and many tech leaders!

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