Human First

A very peculiar incident inspired this thought process of mine. A lot of things stirred up as I spotted something about myself not going in the right direction. Leaning on a new perspective, I escalated myself to actuating on this clause – “Human First!”

Our maid had finally showed up after 4 days of long wait. Those hours of reading between the lines of a hard news with a mug full of hot coffee and a little self-satisfying family talk had been inconveniently converted into hours of extreme self-service with absolutely unorganised work requirements. Like planets around the sun, thoughts of extreme anger and fury revolved in my mind the moment I saw that frowning face full of noticeable but better-to-ignore guilt. With so many questions to ask and so many answers to get, I couldn’t get over my bustling nerves and pounced on her like a thin-skinned predator. On seeing my vulnerable situation my son entered the conversation and rather than complimenting my to-be-understood situation, he asked the maid, “How are you?” After facing a catastrophic desert storm, she had suddenly landed onto soft, lush green grass. She was confused but now comfortable. Not just a cup of tea, he also offered her a sincere ear and tried to understand her health issues and her dis-ease. She was suffering from chronic cold and fever and was hospitalised. My eyes suddenly caught hold of things that  had remained unnoticed till then. I noticed needle marks on her hand, her face was pallid, full of worry, she was weak, her gestures reflected apology. She narrated her story and fell into supplication. After a cup of tea and adequate motivation from my son, she stood up and started with her daily course.

In our daily lives, we often come across such situations wherein we treat people or perhaps identify them according to their designations, their social stature, their cast, creed, sex, nationality, financial status, etc and seldom identify them as HUMAN BEINGS. In this exempt, I wish to put light on exactly that. Our cultures and traditions, over time have perpetuated this strong essence of labelling human beings based on so many criteria. But do we have to give in to all that we’ve been exposed to? It is very important to note that we all are HUMANS First and everything else later. Our names, religions, designations, castes, occupations, attitudes, choices, lifestyles, everything come later. What comes first and should always come first is – WE ARE HUMANS.

My son, in the above mentioned episode, enacted exactly on that. He recognised the maid as a HUMAN FIRST, then as our maid. He rather simplified my course of communication or dialogue with her and several other people, in the long run. What he considered, consciously awakened a new phrase in my mind – “HUMANS FIRST”


One more incident to follow up on the same lines. I remember the day I was to meet my Boss regarding my official transfer. Although not low, but I was feeling quite nervous. Procrastination was Anxiety in disguise. I was worried, anxious and had my fingers-crossed. I didn’t want to relocate myself since relocation could have caused a lot of inconvenience in terms of everything, right from my very own routine, to that of my husband and most importantly my son who was a high school student then. My hubby noticed my dilemma. The reason to my dilemma was, I didn’t know how to represent myself and how to talk to my boss regarding the issue. I feared rejection and perhaps the  frost of negative thoughts rose through my mind. Next morning at  tea, my husband, opened the discussion and in a very friendly but elaborate manner handed over to me, the key to the quandary. He said, “Your boss will certainly understand your situation if you explain it to him. He is a HUMAN FIRST. Then he is your boss. He will surely understand you as a human being. Always remember, whenever you are in any such situation, always think of the other person as a HUMAN FIRST and everything else follows. His designation, his education, his social stature, or any other factor, doesn’t take away his natural instinct of being a HUMAN First!” My Husband was right and made me think over what he had said. This gave rise to great confidence in me and drove away all the nervousness of facing my boss. Rather, I was there to present my side to a HUMAN.

Mom is undoubtedly mom, but while paying attention to her undesired behavioural aspects, she is a HUMAN FIRST. My son is brilliant in his work, but when he commits a mistake, rather than only guilty, he is a HUMAN FIRST. My Husband needs to get his personal space and live life his way, because before my Husband, he is a HUMAN FIRST. My Friends, rather than the busy, unorganised, hustle-bustle goers, are HUMANS FIRST. My Boss, before the identity that his designation gives him, is a HUMAN FIRST. This breakthrough of understanding everybody as HUMAN FIRST, helped me understand relations to a new extent altogether and made me connect with them faster than ever before.

So what are you HUMANS upto? Are you ready to understand people and various relationships on an escalated level altogether? Install this software of looking at people as HUMANS FIRST and then putting in all other parameters. Because you are a HUMAN FIRST and then a WINNER!


Authored by Mrs Anjali Deshpande, Mumbai. She can be reached at

What is mind

What is Mind? Has anybody seen it, touched it, tasted it, heard it, smelled it………?No! And still mind is key performer and originator  for every  thought and action of human being.I find everybody is curious to know it, understand it and feel it. It has no identity of its own yet it creates the identity of an individual. It’s proved that entire body is governed by this mind. All our cognitive processes , learning, thoughts, perceptions ,are mind’s game , dictionary of the mind.

Each and every mind is different, every aspect of mind is unique . Internal representation, internal mapping of each and everybody on this planet is amazingly unique. Everybody has his own layers of inventions, experiences,understandings, discoveries and revelations. Everybody is completely different while responding to any ambiguous stimuli. Wow…..such an amazing revelation, surprisingly we are governed by something which we cannot see or touch.

Everybody’s thinking process, learning process, understanding process, perceiving process is different yet how beautifully we all are connected with each other. And this communion of beings is all coordinated by mind signals which are followed by Brain. Mind with all it’s layers of learning, outlooks, memories, descriptions, perspectives, experience, is there to guide the brain, and brain with all it’s power become servant to this mind. Everybody has his own individual dimensions and the possibility for up gradation to the newer dimension. All the  levels be it an unconscious mind ,primitive mind, conscious mind all are the memories from which we are receiving and perceiving our outer world.

The  unconscious mind is the information processor which stores all the information collected from all five senses I.e VAKOG and that information is used for deciding our life processes.And conscious mind is the awareness process, awareness which comes with observation ,analysis, self-control, and then comes to the conclusion which creates a huge change in every aspects and then with this change unconscious mind also learns how to apply these observation and it automatically becomes the representational system. So, is there any way out to change the representational system? or how can we tame our mind to experience  powerful, satisfied and peaceful LIFE?? This is were NLP proves to be the opener.It allows us to understand all our senses from which our mind collects all the information.

NLP comes as a rescue for our mind and cleanses it’s heaps of debris collected collectively from all our environment , education  ,experiments and experiences, and provides it a breath of relief and with this  new realization of self. This self awareness opens up new opportunities, new avenues, new outlook towards life.  With this awareness and realization whole mind ,body transformation is guaranteed.

तेरे पंखों को मैं नये आयाम  दूंगा

ए  जिंदगी

अब तुझे मैं नया नाम दूंगा

The author of this article is Dr. Aruna Saxena, Homeopath, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki and BARS Practitioner and she can be reached at

An encounter with my enemy

I was always a happy go lucky girl who was always cheerful with desirable and happy moments and sad and depressed with undesirable moments or I can say I was always a moment girl. I wanted to be happy all the time and always tried to maintain calm conditions but things were getting worse inside me as I started trying to please everybody.

At one front I was pretending to be happy and on the other front there were bundles of my queries about ‘what is wrong with me???’

To the best of my consciousness I never bothered anyone and always tried not to dominate anyone. Thereby I always focused on improving things in me. I used to think with other’s point of view, ignoring my perspective about myself. I was just trying to make each and everybody comfortable and it became my way of thinking. I was completely ignoring myself with my belief of sacrifice and values. All my values, beliefs, perceptions, acknowledgements were  based on others as to what they wanted to hear, what they wanted to see,  what they wanted to feel, what they wanted from me.

I was always focusing on my weaknesses and how to get over them. I wanted to be more tolerant, calm, understanding towards others. I always tried to keep my best for others and for myself everything was just  “ok”.

 Then one day at the “NLP Master Practitioner” workshop at Lucknow my mentor, Shri Ashvin Deshpande,  asked me about my strengths, “my strengths???”………………………………………………………………………and it took some time to identify my strengths and that too with somebody else’s help. It was my homework to pen down my strengths and as I was listing them down, I was surprised! It was an eye opener! I had never thought of my strengths. Throughout my life I was just digging out my weaknesses, trying to overcome them. Instead, now I am digging my strengths additively with confidence. Woww……!!! What an amazing human being I am, full of love, care, understanding & intelligence! It was for the first time I was having my strengths besides me and I felt unashamed of my weaknesses. A whole new perspective had opened up which brought enlightenment. I became more receptive towards myself and focused on my strengths more than anything else. Now I know how to sharpen myself which will eventually lead to ending my flaws.

aid1850249-728px-identify-your-strengths-and-weaknesses-step-18-version-2Then I realized it was only me who was restraining myself. It was me who was obscuring myself from the desired paths sometimes due to my weaknesses sometimes due to some unknown fear. Nobody in this world has the potential to drag me into darkness without my permission. It was only me  who was chaining myself. There was no other enemy! Just me!

There I formulated a simple equation –

I/Me     =      Looser

I x Me   =      Winner!

And now I am a winner who identifies her strengths putting more emphasis on developing them!!! That’s the change that NLP gets to you! NLP is the catalyst which takes from “Wanting to change” to “Change”. At Atmabhan Academy, one thing is for sure – They’ve justified their Tagline – “Transformation Guaranteed”!

“meri khamiyoon ka ab muje nahin khayal!

ki khud ki bulandiyoon se wakif hoon mai!”


The author of the article is,  Dr.Aruna Saxena, Homoeopath,  NLP Master Practitioner,   Reiki & BARS Practitioner. She can be reached at –

A wonderful journey within

Hi, I am Dr. Navneet Kahlon. I completed the “NLP Practitioner” and “NLP Master Practitioner” course conducted by Atmabhan Academy at Lucknow, back to back in 13 days. Throughout this journey I discovered a new me. A better and complete me. The integration of Navneet’s body, brain, mind and soul, unlike what I thought, was an exhilarating process, although not an easy one! When you conquer and bypass your own weaknesses, you dig and bring out a new personality and suddenly you realize its way too overwhelming to live with this “new” “true” YOU.

“To me the gist of NLP has surfaced as a simple process of integration of our thoughts, language (verbal and non verbal) and the outcome i.e. our habits and patterns.”

nlp_mastersBy the age of six months a toddler starts understanding the words spoken to him and begins to build his own personal dictionary. As age increases the vocabulary, communicative skills and overall personality of an individual develops. Everything that is installed through our modalities i.e., our 5 senses, the VAKOG respectively, the brain uses the information and the mind creates an internal map of the given situation. This internal map plays a major role in the overall state and our behaviors. Young or old we use the same tools for receiving and giving out information, as we did as toddlers. As stated in NLP “VAKOG” allows the inflow of the information which is then processed by our communication model consisting of the filters and barriers which distort, delete or generalize the information and thus create the internal map which is acted out in the physical world through our psychology and thus our physiology.

The whole game is that how much can you refine these modalities? How quickly can you mould these into something better? How much can you perceive? How much plasticity can your brain accomplish? How many unwanted filters ( conscious, unconscious and collective unconscious) can you eliminate from your system?

Once you see your life through these polished senses, i.e. “VAKOG” and understand each and every process, you start looking at things differently and realize many other possible options. Hence a new internal map emerges and in result a new behavior is created.

As we start to understand ourselves, our sub modalities and our internal maps, we begin to perceive people around us in different light as well. NLP provides us with various tools, patterns and programs to code and decode people around us. Whatever we are aware of comes into our consciousness and is recorded by our brain for further use. We as therapists use this new awareness to understand our clients and use the appropriate tools for their betterment. For example the “Swish” method is very useful when the client is visually oriented whereas “One-word-reframing” may work better with an Auditory oriented person. Therefore decoding of a person’s basic modalities becomes necessary and it is a difficult task until and unless we do not work on ourselves.

NLP can be utilized in every sphere of our life; the 2Ps (Personal and Professional) the 2Fs (Financial and Family) the 2Ss (Spiritual and Social). I learnt that each one of us has a different yet absolutely justified model of our own perceived worlds. With this enhanced knowledge I enrich my behavior towards others by, making a better rapport or by leading them into a positive state of mind.

The simplicity and the direct approach of NLP has immersed me into the subject and as I dive into the new depths, I am continuously astonished by new breakthroughs. I have just started on this wonderful journey and my perception of the world has changed drastically. Words have a deeper meaning now. Voices have depths and ridges. Sensations have different variations. Smells are more prominent than earlier. Taste delights more now. The whole existence thrives for a balance. The value of congruence has increased manifold! NLP makes you not just a better person, but you emerge to experience for yourself, the Best Version of YOU!

The author of this article is

Dr. Navneet Kahlon from Lucknow, who can be reached at

You have to make sacrifices to gain something

“You have to make sacrifices to gain something”: Sindhu. This was statement made by PV Sindhu who won a silver medal in recently concluded Rio Olympics Badminton tournament.She is also the youngest Indian to win an Olympic medal for India.

How many of us are willing to put in 5 days (including weekend) from our schedule and some investment to invest in ourselves to excel in life by learning NLP.

Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) is a modelling Science.Using certain set of rules and techniques we can modify our behavior to achieve excellence in different aspects of life.

At Atmabhan we have intensive hands on 5 day NLP Practitioner program in Chennai / Lucknow / Delhi / Pune where we work together with you to help you find answers to your questions about:
• How to have laser focus everyday
• How to have high level of energy
• What is the secret of high performance
• How to face my fears head on
• How to set and achieve goals
• How to enter state of Excellence
• To clearly understand The power of the mind-body connection
• Explore and change your current patterns and behaviors that have kept you from making the leap
• Explore the Unconscious patterns to get your focus and to achieve beyond imagination
• The magic of thinking big and getting what you want

A program designed to ensure that each of the participant is TRANSFORMED ….

One of the common experience of past participants has been -“Life Changing program”

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Learn NLP to Practice NLP !!

The first NLP Practitioner program experience was an eye opener while the second practitioner program was more of having a clear pathway set for the transformation. Post attending the first practitioner program my journey started knowing my Inner Self, knowing things that I didn’t know, identifying my blinders and limiting beliefs which was stopping me from going ahead.

Having this Self Awareness and knowing my current limiting beliefs , I  started having the internal communication consciously to  define what are the things I want in my life and the changes I need to install within my system. Having understood my meta programs, I consciously tried changing my past time focus to being in present time.

This helped me setting short term goals for myself followed by action plans and strategies to achieve them. Now that both goals and strategies were defined , execution became much easier and  faster and so  the results were also at par. Ultimate change , I can see myself better organized in my work and more productive.

All the NLP presuppositions taught for the first time helped me understand how I can have control and focus on my thoughts, behaviour and actions. I simply started applying it in my daily life, which made challenging tasks easier to work on and come up with best possible solutions to have predictable results. ”We are incharge of our minds and therefore results”.  “We are what we think. What we think we are “ made a huge difference applying it in my life. Earlier when faced with challenges, negativity would instantly pop up followed by lot of if’s and but’s. Now,I know for sure , I have all the resources within me to bring the desired results, so my approach is  positive keeping me in a resourceful state  always.

Anchoring states was something I learnt in the 1st Practitioner program. In the  2nd program, I got opportunity to deliver a session on learning strategies for the first time in front of some 15 participants. It was a great experience giving my  peak performance. I delivered it with  full of confidence, connecting with the audience. It was well appreciated by everyone including the Master Trainers . I was elated and that moment of happiness which I experienced ,I anchored the feeling of my peak performance state.

In just about 2 weeks  time I was asked  if I could start with the introduction in Power of NLP which we launched in Pune ,I confidently told him a “Yes!!” knowing that  I had the resources within me to deliver without letting an iota of doubt bothering me. Before going on to face the audience, I just went into  my peak performance state and I was already there..Next ,all I did was delivered my part confidently , without fumbling or feeling nervous.

These are my experiences of learning NLP and practicing NLP in my life !!DSC_0052 copy

This blog post is from Shreya who participated to the  Atmabhan NLP edge practitioner program , she can be contacted at .

If you would like to experience similar or different changes look at the details of the upcoming events and enroll yourself @ atmabhan.

I smile hence everyone smiles

It was a humid evening of August (hot-wet-sweat), I was in nearby market with my cute little daughter. Actually, I was searching the idol/statue of Lord Krishna for the festival of Janmashthmi , which was to be celebrated the next day. During the day I have been very stressed and angry , as my boss did firing on me twice during the day; the personal finance issues were bothering me like demons; fought with my wife in morning as previous day I didn’t celebrate her birthday way she expected , the gift I gave to her was not at all impressive is what she felt.

In these states (I was not a NLP Practitioner  at that time), dwindling in my thoughts I was walking on the streets with my mind out of the body. I saw idols and portraits of the Lord Krishna marvelously displayed on the luminous show cases. The idols were made of the attractive stuff and skillfully crafted by the artisans. As I came close to the idols, I saw one thing missing in the idols i.e. smile. I stepped to the other shop, but this time also the same pattern was observed by me i.e. smile was absent & it seemed like God is tensed and stressed. For an hour, I went 10 to 12 shops, and I observed the face of Lord Krishna as dull, irksome and without smile. In past, the image of God for me especially Lord Krishna was always bright, pleasant, cheerful and blissful, but that day  God portrayed their image as exactly opposite and I didn’t wanted to to take dull, gloomy and dispirited faced God Idol to my house. At last, I entered a shop where the idols were placed on the show case made of mirror and then there I saw my complete reflection………

I was completely stunned by seeing my face in the mirror …… for a moment i was not able to see in my own eyes. One minute before, I was thinking that I will not take any idol home whose face appears dreary, gloomy and dispirited, and for that full day, I was walking, eating, talking, doing everything  including driving in FUSE (Frustrated-Useless) mode instead of FUEL (Flexibility –Useful States–Elicitation ) mode. Next moment, I got instant awareness that it is not only through my physical eyes that we are looking at the world, but something inside our mind is too deep (the hidden eyes) which everyone should embrace. If the thoughts are dark and gloomy, the images we  will form would also be dark and hence actions can not be fruitful and productive. If the thoughts are delighted and cheerful, the whole world would cheer for you including God.

The imitations (can be referred as modeling) and limitations of the actions start from you first. After acquiring the skills and concepts of NLP, I am able to understand the Power of Now; I am able to grasp the powerful journey from Fantastic (resourceful) states to superb actions; from sensory specified goals to well formed outcomes.

Our state is the sum total of what is occurring in the mind-body system (Emotional-Mental-Physical) at any given time. It is the neurological, biological, endocrine, immune and lymphatic systems working together to create a state, even stress or motivation is also a state.

Now, I love to feel good and never to feel bad. Feeling good or bad are labels assigned to bodily sensations. It is useful to be more aware of the sensations than labels. As you attain or accomplish your outcomes, the sensations attributed to feeling good will become stronger and stronger. The more congruent you are with the big picture of your life, the more you feel those good sensations. Now, I smile and God smiles, I smile hence everyone smiles.


This blog post is from Yogesh Verma , NLP practitioner and Coach and he can be contacted at